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Keep the Phone Calls Going

Keep the Phone Calls Going
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Our cause to overhaul the CPSIA has been getting more attention!

Our cause to overhaul the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) has been getting more attention:

See the Channel 11 NBC (Baltimore) story here (link no longer active). Even better, see the uncut interview with Julie Vallese (the CPSC Public Relations Director that resigned, effective tomorrow). She ever so eloquently explains the simple steps we need to do to be in compliance. Yeah, right.

There is a Congressional meeting (closed door unfortunately) on Friday at 2pm about this law. Please, please, continue to flood the Congress with your concerns so they are fresh in their minds when they meet to discuss possible changes.

Remember, to make this law workable for families and small business alike, we need:

  • The retroactive interpretation reversed. Instead, resellers and retailers should only be responsible for items specifically recalled. A "guilty till proven innocent" approach will bankrupt families and small business and increase prices on all children's goods.
  • Exclusions from testing for items historically free from lead: clothing & shoes without vinyl or attached charms, wooden toys, books, cloth diapers, hairbows, etc.
  • Allow for component testing, so that when a bolt of fabric is used to make three different sizes of jeans, it only needs to be tested once, not three times. Small crafters making items from already tested items should not be required to retest.

I'm sure there is much more that needs to be done, but those are the biggest concerns for resalers (including parents selling their own kids stuff at yard sales & eBay) and micro-crafters.

In addition to flooding Congress with calls (click here for contact information), this (Jan 15) is the last day to Vote for Change. So be sure to add your vote for the Save Small Business from the CPSIA. The winning ideas will be presented to the Obama administration after inauguration.

Thanks again to everyone who has taken time to make our democracy work for the people. Please keep up the great work as the job is not yet done.

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