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School of Cloth October 2015: See how easy it can be...

School of Cloth October 2015: See how easy it can be...
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Take advantage of our free in-store cloth diapering classes. Can't make a scheduled class? Request a special time!

My Story of Cloth

My daughter was already three and out of diapers by the time I opened Enkore Kids, but when Susan joined us in 2004, she quickly saw that adding cloth diapers would not only help get her own children diapered more affordably but also help educate our community on the benefits of modern cloth diapers. Our selection started with just four small bins of pocket diapers from BumGenius and Happy Heiny.

Now, 11 years later, cloth diapers is a significant part of our business and our selection has exploded. We regularly order from more than ten manufacturers (in addition to our original 2 brands, our favorites include Apple Cheeks, Baby Kicks, Best Bottom, Fuzzibunz, GroVia, Kissaluvs, Rumparooz, Thirsties, and Tots Bots) and because we also buy-back outgrown cloth diapers, you can usually find upwards of 30 brands represented ranging from Anibums, to Charlie Banana, to Sustainablebabyish, to Winkydinks.

We carry all styles from the old standby prefolds and covers, to fitteds, to all-in-twos, to pockets, to all-in-ones, and once your children are ready for potty training, we've got cloth trainers, too!

All this time, I learned from Susan and our customers how they all worked and found out what may be great for one child may not suit another. So we instituted a generous 30-Day Risk Free No Dud Diaper Deal Trial so you can see what works best for your lifestyle and your child without fear.

Fast forward to May of this year and I finally got an opportunity to do more than just absorb it all academically: we've been blessed with a two year old foster son. I've learned a lot these past few months of cloth diapering in the real world. While I really wanted to use our fan-favorite Best Bottom diapers, they just didn't fit right on his chubby legs. He's now 30lbs (and a chubby-thighed 30), so our best fitting diapers have been the one size Rumparooz and Happy Heinys, and I use extra large Happy Heinys at night for the higher rise to eliminate over flows.

For those concerned that starting cloth diapers so late will be hard for your child to adjust to - don't worry, he's been fine. And the only times we've suffered from diaper rash is when we've switched back to disposables for some emergency reason. The most important lesson learned is that diapers with the smaller aplix tabs are a little too easy for him to take off. So snaps or the Happy Heiny aplix take care of that (or hard to take off shorts over the diaper!).

So if you've been considering cloth, now is a great time to try! Nearly all our staff have personally used cloth diapers, and now I can finally answer from experience as well. Read on for details of the upcoming School of Cloth 2015 this October, but remember we are here to help you with your questions any time!

Free Cloth Diaper Classes!

Classes are taught by subject matter experts from 5pm to 6pm right here at Enkore Kids! Pre-registration is encouraged as the class may be cancelled if there is not enough interest, so please help us out and share with your friends! You can also call us at the store at 301-668-0837 to let us know to expect you or let us know via Facebook.

"School of Cloth" participants may also be entered to win a Cloth Diaper Package! Click for details.

Those that pre-register and attend will receive a valuable coupon related to the subject being taught.

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