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MemoryBlox Blankets and Bears

MemoryBlox Blankets and Bears
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Support a microbusiness and help a student earn money to go to Japan with her Japanese class. You'll benefit with a one of a kind cherished momento handcrafted blanket or bear made from your loved-ones clothing.

MemoryBlox Blankets 


MemoryBlox Blankets and Bears

This memory blanket was created start to finish by my daughter, Elizabeth, out of sports jerseys. They had been saved by her client from her son's sports teams from the very first team he was on till he graduated from highschool. He is now a Marine and his parents wanted this momento to give to him for his birthday.

Elizabeth had been searching for months, looking for ideas that she could do to raise money for such events as a school trip to Japan (after 2 semesters, she's holding straight A's in her Japanese class), band trip to Disney World (she's been straight A's with her clarinet since beginning with the instrument in 4th grade), and college (she is currently hoping to major in architecture to combine her love of art with her love of math).

After making a similar memory blanket for herself, it clicked that THIS was the idea she was looking for!

Have a custom, one of a kind memory blanket or bear created from your child's outgrown clothing or from a loved one that is no longer able to be with you. Perfect gift for a child in transition - moving up to the "big kid" bed, first day of school, starting high school, moving off to college, or having a child of their own. 

Elizabeth is conscientious, creative, and motivated to turn your children's memorable outgrown clothing into a precious heirloom blanket they will treasure for years. As an added bonus, for being one of her first 10 customers, take advantage of these low introductory prices:

  • Baby Blanket (32" x 32"): $75 (20-25 small blocks of clothing (6"x 6")
  • Lap Blanket (44" x 60"):  $150 (15 large blocks 12"x 12", 36 small blocks 6"x6")
  • Bear: $80 (need about a yard and a half of clothing total
  • Contact us for information on Twin and larger size projects.

The front of the memory blanket is constructed of the clothing you provide, the back is a soft fleece in a complementary color. You can also provide a backing of your choice of the appropriate size for a $5 discount on the baby blanket size or a $10 discount on the lap blanket size. To find out more and to inquire about ordering and current expected turn around times, please contact us.

View her Pinterest board here.

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