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Meeting Diapering Need

Meeting Diapering Need
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Get into cloth diapers for $25 to $45 a month with our Enkore Cloth Diaper Closet. Also find out about Enkore Kids' new affiliation with Share the Love and see if you can get donated diapers for free on loan!

Diapers are probably the biggest required expense new parents encounter when they bring a child into their home. The weekly cost of disposable diapers while not huge for just one package, quickly adds up. From birth to potty training, it's estimated to be about $3000. For some families, the choice between that package of diapers or food or gas for the car is a harsh reality each week.

Cloth diapers allow families to save money over the long haul by making an up front investment in an item that will last through several children. For those that are having to make the tough choice between food and diapers, it's an investment they might not be able to afford. Cloth diaper closets/ banks can help fill this need by helping to get families a cloth diaper stash for little upfront cost.

Enkore Kids is starting a cloth diaper closet to help low income families in our local area afford diapers for their children . Our diaper closet will supply each family with a diaper stash that will be configured to meet their needs based on the age/weight of the child(ren) and whether or not the child(ren) will be in daycare. There are even hand-washing options for those that may not have the reliable use of a washer and dryer.

Our program provides families with a “rent to own plan” that will allow them to pay a low monthly fee until the diapers have been paid in full. Generally, it's a plan that lasts about 6 months and costs between $25 and $45 a month depending on the needs and age of the child. Built into the program is “up-sizing” the sized components of the stash as the child grows – switching out “newborn” prefolds for “infant” along with the covers, for instance, at no extra charge.

The family can then keep and use these diapers until they are done with cloth diapering and then can take advantage of our buyback program allowing them to purchase other items their child may need at that time.

While $25 to $45 is less than the cost of disposables (estimated to be about $80/month), we know even that can be a hardship for some families. Thanks to the generosity of our customers, we are able to offer a subsidy for those with demonstrable need (participants in WIC, SNAP, and/or Low Income hosing) or serving those in need (foster parents). Also, discounts on other goods will be available to qualified participants while a part of this program.

Our donated funds will not last long, so we are working now to establish partnerships with area charities to ensure continued access to this program in the future. We are also collecting donations of diapers, goods for sale and money (or store credit) from our customers if they'd like to support this program.

Our “rent to own” program (without a subsidy) is available to anyone who is interested in a way of cloth diapering their children on a budget. Families can start making payments on a diaper package even before baby is born if they want to spread out the cost even longer.

We are working to partner with area hospitals, food banks, birth circles, daycares, and other child care professionals to get word out to families that may be interested in this program.

For more information and to start the process, click here. (Only applicants within 90 miles of Boonsboro, MD will be considered.)

To apply for a Share the Love free diaper loan, click here. If you are not local to us, don't worry, your application will be forwarded to a Share the Love host closest to you.

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