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Getting Started with Cloth Diapers: School of Cloth

Getting Started with Cloth Diapers: School of Cloth
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Cloth diapering ten years ago was not as easy as it is today as far as finding cloth diapers or finding reliable information.

I began my cloth diapering journey a few months after my son was born when we discovered that no matter what brand of disposable diapers we were using, he was breaking out in a rash almost every diaper change. I couldn't stand to look at his poor red bottom any longer and so I started to look into cloth diapers.

My first intro to cloth was my neighbor who had a few “old school” prefold diapers, pins, and a couple of covers that she let me try, but my son quickly outgrew those so I was then on my own finding more diapers. Local stores were no help, so I went online looking. I was able through freecycle to find other cloth diapering moms and meeting with them to get diapers and advice was the most important thing for me to get started.

My stash grew in sometimes small amounts and sometime large amounts depending on if I was buying items site unseen online or getting them through freecycle or other groups. Washing was trial and error but was helped by my mother who had washed cloth diapers and gave me the advice to keep it simple and just make sure I had enough water and detergent to get them clean.

I had read online to avoid things that could build up on my diapers such as fragrances and such. Fortunately, adding things to detergents back then was not the norm so my generic Costco detergent worked great.

Rinse, wash, and rinse was my routine and then hang to dry unless it was raining.

I loved my cloth and was glad to be able to save money and reduce our environmental impact while improving my children's health.

I hope that through my classes and through our store, Enkore Kids, I can provide that word of mouth and one-on-one personal advice that was the most helpful to me when I was first trying cloth.

Online stores, blogs, and informational websites have a place in the cloth diapering world and can help to provide information and services at odd hours or to families that live far from brick and mortar stores, but nothing can replace being able to see and touch a diaper and have a real person be able to show you how to use and adjust the diaper for your particular child.

Also, being able to talk to other people who live near you with the same water type and same detergent choices can help cut down the time it takes to find a wash routine that works for you.

I hope that families that are new to cloth for whatever reason can find resources to help them make the best choices for their budgets, babies and lifestyles.   

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