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Thirsties Duo Diaper Snaps or Aplix Pocket Size 1: Choose Color/Fastener


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New: Thirsties Aplix or Snaps Duo Diaper Size 1: 6-18 lbs.  Choose color/fastener.
Thirsties Duo Diaper is an ultra-absorbent pocket diaper delivering dependability as a day or night time diaper.  Our handy sleeve design features openings on both sides of the diaper between the stay-dry microfleece and waterproof layers. These openings allow for easy insert stuffing from either side of the diaper and make for easy cleaning. There is no need to remove soiled inserts before washing. Simply toss soiled Thirsties Duo Diapers in the washing machine and the inserts will agitate free during the wash cycle.
The included inserts feature two layers of serged microfiber terry snapped together with five serged layers of hemp jersey; seven thirsty layers in all! Microfiber terry is a fast absorber designed to rest closest to your baby's skin (beneath the microfleece sleeve); hemp is a stable absorber and pairs perfectly behind the microfiber terry to add more absorbency and prevent compression leaking.
By the way...did you know that Thirsties' new hemp jersey is like no other on the market!?! We (finally) found a knitter right here in the USA to custom knit the hemp textile to our specifications. You will find this hemp is thicker, softer, and holds-up better than any other on the market.
Pairing the adjustable rise with our signature leg gussets ensures messes will be contained whether your baby is tall, short, skinny, or chunky.  Plus, Thirsties Duo Diapers are a cinch to use...even for the occasional caretaker. Simply stuff the insert in the sleeve of the diaper and wrap around your baby.
Both snap and Aplix closures are available on Thirsties Duo line. While many families prefer Aplix closures because of the simple, secure fit they provide, snap closures do have a few advantages of their own. They are pretty much indestructible and are more unyielding than our Aplix hook-and-loop closures, making them more challenging to unfasten for a toddler who prefers to go naked.
In an effort to maximize affordability of cloth diapering Thirsties created our Duo line. This means all Duo products are available in 2 sizes which will cover your baby from birth to potty. Each of the two sizes in the Thirsties Duo line feature three rows of snaps to adjust the rise to your baby’s shape; it is like having THREE sizes in one.
Care & Use:
Before use: Wash once using a cloth diaper safe detergent. The Hemp Insert will need to be washed and dried at least three times separately from your other diapers to rid the fibers of natural oils. The hemp insert will reach maximum absorbency in about 8 washes.
At every wash cycle:
-Prewash on warm
-Wash on hot
-Add another rinse on warm.
-Hang dry the shells or dry in the dryer on low. Inserts may be hung to dry or dried in the dryer. If inserts are stiff after line drying, you can throw them in the dryer on medium heat with some wool dryer balls to soften them.
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