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The Safe Side: Internet Safety DVD


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John Walsh (host of America's Most Wanted) and Julie Clark (founder of The Baby Einstein Company) are back, following up their Emmy-award winning 'Stranger Safety' video with a hilarious new adventure through the virtual world of the Internet with 'Internet Safety.'
This new DVD is a kid-friendly field trip through the world of E-mail, downloads, pop-ups and chat rooms that looks at the serious issues that can arise if kids don't rely on their Safe Side Adults. Viewers will join Safe Side Superchick as she finds herself in laugh-out loud situations that spoof shows like Lizzie McGuire and The Crocodile Hunter.  Joining her are two goofy new characters, brother Danger Dude and her dad, Cautionary Dale.  Also along for the ride is the animated Clicky, a character designed by NetSmartz, a division of The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.
This light approach to the difficult topic of Internet safety talks to kids, not at them. Along with giving children an understanding of potential dangers, The Safe Side ‘Internet Safety’ video helps them understand what to do if dangerous situations should arise on the Internet. Guaranteed to be enjoyed by its viewers, this video is the perfect way for parents to discuss this difficult topic with their kids.
The Movie Chapters:
Bonus Features
Bonus Material
Internet Safety also includes a mini poster listing the 4 Hot Tips for easy review, a Safe Side wristband as seen throughout the video and a free MP3 download.

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