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Turn Your Kids' Stuff Into Cash

Why Sell With Enkore Kids?

You have better things to do with your time than organize a yard sale, price your items, pay for the ad, put up signs, then wait for hours, only to have most of the stuff you started out with that has to be packed up and put away for next time.


Until now consignment has been the only other option, but how long must you wait until you even see a dime? How quickly can you get an appointment? What will make your items stand out and get sold? What other fees are involved? What will they be priced at? How often will they be marked down? What if you don't have time to pick up items that don't sell before your consignment contract is up? What if your items get lost?

We are not your typical consignment store!

We give you a fair offer based on current supply & demand and you get your money (or twice the amount in store credit - your choice) immediately the day of your appointment for most items.

And we do save you time and offer you convenience. What price can you put on that? We tend to accept more items than you can sell in a month of yard sales.

For higher priced items that stand out, consignment (in the store or on eBay) is always an option.

Items We Normally Accept

We specialize in kids clothing, developmental toys, and related-equipment for kids newborn to size 10/12.

Following are examples of what we normally accept:

This list in not all inclusive, but should give you a good starting point.

Due to standards, customer preference, or space limitations, examples of items we don't accept (or accept only by donation) are:

Accepting only name brand items helps us search for recalls and ensure the safety of the items we do take.

What's Hot at Enkore Kids

Clothing Items: Currently, we are not accepting everyday clothing at all, while we complete our seasonal change over to fall and have a chance to take stock of our needs for the upcoming season. Call 301-668-0837 for details. Exceptions for clothing items we can take now include:

Other Hot Items:

Bringing Your Items In

We pay cash or store credit for most of your gently used clothing, toys, and equipment for children, infant through size 10/12.

Due to the wonderful response, we are unable to process any offers without an appointment. This is to be fair to customers and suppliers alike. Please call 301-668-0837 to set one up.

Also, we do have to limit the number of items we can accept due to our available space. Clothing is limited to about 20 items per size. Toys are limited to about 10 items, placed in a storage bin, unless they are larger items. Clothing and smaller toys need to be brought in stackable containers such as rubber maid or study cardboard boxes. Plastic or paper bags cannot be accepted.

Please call the store or visit the web site for updates. To be notified through Facebook,  "Like" us!

Follow these simple guidelines to help you get the most for your items.

How Our Offers Work For You

Get cash upfront or more in store credit!

We buy most items directly from you so you get paid upfront, not over the course of the next several months to a year as with typical consignment. Take cash or twice the amount as store credit, or half of both. It's up to you!

Store credit is good for everything in the store, including our new items, however, store credit cannot be used with most offers, sales, or eBay purchases. If you see something on-line you like, just call us and we can take your order over the phone with your store credit to reserve it for you. It doesn't expire and we keep track of it for you on our computer (which is backed up daily).

How We Figure our Cash/Store Credit Offers:

For in-demand toys and equipment, we price items in great condition at 50% off of new. Store credit is approximately 50% of resale and cash is half of the store credit option. For clothing, we pay based on time of season, brand, size, and demand. Resale price for clothing is significantly less than 50% of new and offers must also take end-of season clearance sales into account. Our cash offer for clothing is generally yard sale prices, with store credit being twice that amount, without the yard sale hassle!

Consign Your Equipment & Other Special Items:

Consignment is reserved for only higher end items that will resell for over $40. This allows us to promote them in the store, on-line, and through e-mail to those looking for something special, helping to sell your item more quickly than in a typical consignment store where everything is on consignment and you're item has little chance of getting an extra attention.

We reach agreement on an initial price with you and the consignment term is for 7 weeks. Markdowns may be taken at our discretion at 3 weeks and 5 weeks to help it sell. After the expiration of the consignment period, if it hasn’t sold, you have two days to pick up your item or it becomes ours to donate or sell. Over 90% of our "on-consignment" items sell within the 7 weeks.

For consignment, you can choose to receive 40% for cash or 60% for store credit, with no added "buyer's fees". Your store credit or cash is available on demand (after the 14-day return period has expired) or we'll send you a check upon request (less $3.00 processing fee).

Some items will receive the option of being put on eBay for sale. If you agree to have your item listed on eBay, we'll list it as an auction. Additional details will be provided at your appointment.

Make an Appointment:

Enkore Rewards Loyalty Program

Even when you make purchases using your store credit, they count towards our Rewards Program. Click here for details!