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Osocozy DSQ Indian Prefolds Unbleached Newborn Cloth Diapers: Dozen or 1/2 Dozen


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NEW: Osocozy DSQ Indian Prefolds Unbleached Natural Newborn: Choose Dozen or 1/2 Dozen
4x6x4 ply, measures 10" x 14" before washing, suitable for newborns 5-12lbs and great as boosters for older babies. 
Our unbleached cotton prefolds are made of unbleached 100% Indian cotton. These prefolded cloth diapers are soft, durable and highly absorbent and will last child after child. True 'Diaper Service Quality' (DSQ), our prefolds are definitely the most versatile and economical choice in cloth diapering. As with all prefolds these diapers will shrink 5-10% and will take several washes to become fully absorbent.
Unbleached cotton usually takes a few more washings than bleached cotton to be fully primed as the cotton fibers have not been broken down in the bleaching process, and still have natural oils remaining. We recommend a minimum of 3 washes in hot water before use. After that, you may wash them at any temperature. They can be either machine dried or line dried, though machine drying will speed the priming process. They will be at their most absorbent after 5-6 washes. Do not use detergents with softeners or dryer sheets as they will add a film that interferes with absorption.
Prefolds can be used with or without pins (or Snappies, available separately), but DO need a diaper cover. See all our available new and new-to-you cloth diaper covers available separately.
For more information on cloth diapering, see our Cloth Diaper Primer
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