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Nike Girls Toddler Kids Size 6.5 Pink and White Sneakers

Nike Girls Toddler Kids Size 6.5 Pink and White Sneakers

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  • Nike-Girls-Toddler-Kids-Size-6.5-Pink-and-White-Sneakers_197365B.jpg
  • Nike-Girls-Toddler-Kids-Size-6.5-Pink-and-White-Sneakers_197365C.jpg
  • Nike-Girls-Toddler-Kids-Size-6.5-Pink-and-White-Sneakers_197365D.jpg
  • Nike-Girls-Toddler-Kids-Size-6.5-Pink-and-White-Sneakers_197365E.jpg
  • Nike-Girls-Toddler-Kids-Size-6.5-Pink-and-White-Sneakers_197365F.jpg
  • Nike-Girls-Toddler-Kids-Size-6.5-Pink-and-White-Sneakers_197365G.jpg
  • Nike-Girls-Toddler-Kids-Size-6.5-Pink-and-White-Sneakers_197365H.jpg


Ship Weight
12.00 oz
Visible Wear: USED
Shoe Closure
In Stock
pink and white
Child Shoe Type
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Quantity (1 available)

USED Nike Girls Toddler Kids Size 6.5 Pink and White Sneakers.  Shoes have visible wear on back of soles.  Shoes are missing original inserts.  Please see pictures.  

  • Brand = Nike
  • Size = Kids-6.5
  • Child Shoe Type = Sneakers
  • Shoe Closure = Laces
  • Color = pink and white
  • Age Group = Kids
  • Gender = Female
  • Condition = Visible Wear: USED
  • Availability = In Stock
  • Ships within = 1-2 Days

Item ID: 197365

Category: Year Round Shoes

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USED Nike Girls Toddler Kids Size 6.5 Pink and White Sneakers.  Shoes have visible wear on back of soles.  Shoes are missing original inserts.  Please see pictures.  

  • Brand = Nike
  • Size = Kids-6.5
  • Child Shoe Type = Sneakers
  • Shoe Closure = Laces
  • Color = pink and white
  • Age Group = Kids
  • Gender = Female
  • Condition = Visible Wear: USED
  • Availability = In Stock
  • Ships within = 1-2 Days

Item ID: 197365

Category: Year Round Shoes

  • Ganz Art: #10 Baby Book 3D Stickers Scrapbooking Acid Free On-Sale!

    Ganz Art For Whatever: Baby Book 3D Stickers Scrapbooking. 12 Different Designs. Buy them individually, or by the pack. Great Baby Shower Gift.
    Search for 3D Stickers to see all our designs. This listing is for the pack shown only.
    Each pack consists of 4 to 6 Acid Free 3 Dimensional Stickers suitable for scrap booking, decorating gift bags and boxes, greeting cards, invitations, photo albums and WHATEVER!
    We do combine shipping to save you money.

    • Brand = Ganz
    • Child Age = 5 years+
    • Condition = NEW
    • Availability = In Stock
    • Ships Within = 1-2 Days

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  • Tea Tree Essential Oil RAW Pure Organic Thinc. Skin .5 fl oz (15ml)

    NEW: Tea Tree Essential Oil RAW Pure Organic Thinc. Skin .5 fl oz (15ml). Anti-Bacterial. Anti-Fungal. Antiviral. Grade A Therapeutic Essential Oils.
    Product Details:
    • Anti-Bacterial. Anti-Fungal. Antiviral
    • Pure Organic Essential Oil - Tea Tree
    • Source: China  (works as well as Australian, but not as strong as a smell)
    • Grade: A - Theraputic - Sustainably Harvested
    • Aroma: Herbaceous, fresh, woody, earthy
    • Properties & Benefits: Antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral, bactericide, fungicide, insecticide, stimulant
    • Use on: Cloth Diaper Laundry, Acne, athlete's foot, candida, chicken pox, ringworm, oily skin, whooping cough, skin infections,
    • Stored in: Amber Glass
    • Available in: .35oz/10mL - .5oz/15mL - 2oz./30mL
    • Extraction Method: Steam Distilled from leaves
    • Purity Tested/Quality Assured
    • Organic & Natural, Packaged in Hawaii, USA
    • Perfect for aromatherapy
    Tea Tree oil is an ancient natural remedy. The remedy list seems endless, here are a few of our favs:
    • Add 1-4 drops to a q-tip & apply to cold sores, gums, acne, sore ear, etc.
    • Add 1-4 drops to washer. Great for heavily soiled laundry / moldy laundry / Cloth Diapers
    • For toenail fungus; apply 1-2 drops of the oil directly onto infected toenails and rub it above and under the tip of the nail. Repeat this once per day.
    See below for MANY more uses
    Uses of Tea Tree Oil:
    A common use of Tea Tree Oil is as a natural Acne treatment. Other uses include on Boils and Carbuncles, Toenail Fungus, Bad breath, inflamed gums, plaque & warts (esp. genital),
    Excellent DENTAL Aid:
    Tea Tree Oil, when used as a mouth wash, acts as a natural cure for bad breath, oral candidiasis, gingivitis, plaque, and inflamed gums. It also kills mouth bacteria prior to dental surgery and also reduces mouth irritation that is often caused by dental procedures.
    Add 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil to a cup of warm water.
    Use the solution as a mouthwash two to three times daily.
    Always spit out the Tea Tree Oil mouthwash. Do not swallow it.
    You may also add 1 drop of Tea Tree Oil to toothpaste when brushing teeth.
    Sore Throat and Congestion
    Tea Tree Oil can be combined with a simple steam inhalation technique to naturally cure congestion, sore throat, chest infections, and clearing up mucus:
    • Fill a large cooking pot or bowl with water.
    • Bring the water to a boil.
    • Remove the pot from the stove and add 2 to 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil into it.
    • Cover your head with a towel and lean over the top of the bowl so that the long ends of the towel are hanging down at the two sides of the bowl.
    • Inhale the vapors for about 5-10 minutes.
    • Repeat the process each night before going to bed until symptoms are cured completely.
    • If symptoms persist for more than 5 days it is best to consult your doctor.
    Canker Sores and Laryngitis
    Diluted in water, Tea Tree Oil is an effective treatment for canker sores and laryngitis:
    • Add 3-4 drops of Tea Tree Oil to one cup of warm water.
    • Gargle this solution twice daily. Do not swallow.
    Dandruff and Lice
    Studies have shown that shampoos with 5% of Tea Tree Oil can cure dandruff and help get rid of head lice.
    Yeast Infections
    Tea Tree Oil can also be used as an effective Home Remedy for Yeast Infection Treatment.
    What are the Side Effects of Tea Tree Oil?
    • Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid the use of Tea Tree Oil.
    • Undiluted Tea Tree Oil can cause itchiness, irritation, and redness on sensitive skin. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, it is always safer to dilute the oil in another base oil such as olive oil.
    • Pure Tea Tree Oil should never be taken internally in its undiluted form. Extra care should be taken when using it near the eyes, genitals, or even as a mouthwash. If taken internally, Tea Tree Oil can result in diarrhea, vomiting, impaired immune function, excessive drowsiness, sleepiness, confusion, poor coordination, and even coma. If you notice any of these symptoms of overdose, seek medical attention immediately.
    Mix with a carrier oil for many uses. Consult a professional source for proper ratios.
    Our essential oils are of the highest quality therapeutic grade perfect for aromatherapy.
    CAUTION: Use with care, highly concentrated. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or lactating consult your healthcare practitioner before using. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.
    100% Pure Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil

    • Brand = THinc. Skin
    • Scent = Tea Tree
    • Size = .5oz
    • Condition = NEW
    • Availability = In Stock
    • Ships within = 1-2 Days

    Item ID: 162915

    Category: Essential Oils

  • Snappis Size 2 Diaper Fasteners Single Pack: Choose Color

    The Snappi Diaper Fastener has revolutionized cloth diapering! This PINLESS diaper fastener offers a practical and reliable way to fasten a cloth diaper and has become one of the most important cloth diapering accessories in the world.  Over 60 million have sold worldwide.
    An EASY to use fastener that offers a PRACTICAL and RELIABLE way to fasten a cloth diaper, replacing the diaper pin. It comes in a variety of colors and is made from a stretchable non-toxic material, which is T-shaped with grips on each end. These grips hook into the diaper fabric to ensure a snug-fitting diaper with enough natural movement for the baby.
    After endless requests from Snappi users, came the Size 2 Snappi, which is better suited for larger babies and young toddlers.  It is longer across the top ‘T’ of the Snappi. Once stretched correctly, the Snappi fastener gives an additonal 4” stretch across the width than the Size 1 Snappi. It comfortably fits up to a 30” waist.
    AGE RECOMMENDATION: Although this depends largely on the size and shape of the baby or toddler, we recommend using the Size 2 Snappi for children aged 16 months+
    WARNING:  Do NOT use a Snappi fastener on toddlers who have the ability to undo their cover and take off their diaper and/or clothes.  
    The Snappi fastener underwent a ‘makeover’ in 2006. The basic shape and function remains the same, the only change being that the rings at the end of each leg have been replaced with a solid piece embossed with the Snappi logo and a crescent-shaped loop at the end of each leg, which gives the Snappi this EXTRA SAFETY FEATURE.
    When the Snappi fastener is not in use, fold the loop over the back of the Snappi end to fit over the teeth of the white grip - see photo above. This acts as a barrier and prevents the sharp teeth from being exposed. These loops are NOT to be pulled on when attaching the Snappi fastener to the diapers.  When attaching the Snappi, hold onto the solid part of the tab.
    WARNING: Keep all Snappi fasteners out of children’s reach when not in use.  
    The Snappi fastener is manufactured from FDA approved raw materials, a polyester based polyurethane which is degradable on aging through hydrolysis and/or microbiological attack. It contains NO latex or any other adulterant, dilutent or modifying polymers. The composition is 100% polyurethane. It is made in South Africa.
    Snappi is an inventive solution to the simple problems of diapering. This unique product was invented by a father who experienced frustration changing his own child's diapers. The first Snappi was introduced to the South African market in 1987 at a trade fair where 4000 units were sold within days.
    Mothers were delighted! Their response to Snappi exceeded all expectations.
    This product is suitable for new-borns as well as busy toddlers. Snappi is trusted by moms and dads all over the globe. A snap solution to easier parenting.
    Condition = NEW

    Item ID: 147503

    Category: Fasteners

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