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Happy Heiny Cloth Diaper Hemp Stuffins - Medium


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NEW Happy Heiny Hemp Stuffins - Medium (one oval insert included). Measures: 15.5" x 6.25"
Our hemp Stuffins are uniquely designed to fit Happy Heinys Pocket Diapers and Happy Hempy fitted diapers. They feature a pocket design that allows you to add extra absorbency where your baby needs it without increasing the bulk of your pocket diaper.
For boys, place the oval all the way to the front of the Stuffin. For girls, place the oval in the center. Will the insert slip if only placed in half way? No - the small oval insert will stay in place.
When used with the small oval insert (one insert included) you will have 7 layers of hemp fleece in the desired wet zone for your child. You can use as many ovals as you need in the pocket for added protection in the wet zone without increasing bulk through out the diaper.
Stuffins may shrink 1/2-1 inch after full priming. The more you wash these Stuffins, the better they get.
Stuffins will look and feel too big for the diapers once initially received. They do need to be prewashed, 2-3 times to have them be "so so" ready for your diapers, 4-5 times to really become fully primed for use. They truly do get better with age, and are durable enough to last through hundreds of washings.
Now includes a snap in the back so it can be used with the Happy Heiny All-in-Two Cover without shifting!
The snap is also compatible with Best Bottom All in Two Covers!
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