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GroVia AI2 Shell Cloth Diaper Cover Choose Color & Fastener


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GroVia's Hybrid Diapering system is quite possibly the most flexible and modern available. Flexible because you get to decide what you put inside your GroVia one-size Shell, cloth or eco-friendly disposable. Simple, modern, and one giant step towards a smaller "footprint", in two simple steps:
Step 1: Choose Your GroVia Shell- In the drop down menu, choose your color & fastener preference.
Step 2: Choose Your Liner. Listed separately, choose from either Organic Cotton Soaker Pad or BioSoaker.
GroVia shells & inserts are designed to fit most babies from 8-35 lbs. Most users will find that 2-4 GroVia shells are enough per day, though newborn babies may need more. If using GroVia exclusively, we recommend a stash of at least 12-14 shells and 36 soakers to allow for adequate rotation.
Made in the USA.
Weight Guide:  ~10 ~15 ~20 ~25 ~30 ~35
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