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Ganz Bracelets-Necklaces

New Ganz Bracelets and Necklaces

See our remaining inventory of Ganz bracelets and necklaces here only while supplies last.

  SKU Product Title Our price
131377 EK4861 Silver Chain Necklace with Dog Pet Charms by Ganz $2.99
131261 EL0421 Heart Charm Bracelet by Ganz $2.99
105951 EL2585 Charm Bracelet by Ganz $2.99
97495 EK4461 Beaded Charm Bracelets by Ganz $2.49
97065 EJ4027 Rectangle Watch Charm by Ganz $9.99
93872 EJ3995 Striped Ribbon Bracelets by Ganz $1.99 (Save 50%)
68840 ED6782 Double Loop Silver Metal Charm Bracelet by Ganz $2.49
65729 EJ6567 Beaded Anklet Bracelet by Ganz $2.99 (Save 40%)
64828 E3089 Ball Chain Charm Necklace by Ganz $1.49
64825 EJ8021 Jean Jewelry Chains with Stones by Ganz $1.99 (Save 33%)
64821 EK4462 Beaded Charm Necklace by Ganz $2.99