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GCDC FAQs 2016

GCDC Frequently Asked Questions

When: 9:00am- 12pm, Sat. April 23, 2016
Where: Boonsboro Fire Hall, 5 St. Paul Street, Boonsboro, MD 21713
What: Great Cloth Diaper Change and Silent Auction
Why: Bring Global Awareness to the Benefits of Cloth Diapering

Please note that we are the Boonsboro Fire Hall again this year. In addition to the parking lot directly behind the fire hall, there is an adjoining public parking lot behind town hall.

Read on for details and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Should I pre-register?

YES! It'll make check-in go sooo much quicker. You can pre-register up until 6am on 4/22, after that we may not have time to print out the registration form and you may be asked to fill out another form at check in. Click here to pre-register now! It's free!

What should I take with me?

  • You and your baby, of course!
  • A blanket or changing pad to use as we will be on a floor (a carpet sample will be provided).
  • A cloth diaper to change into, if you have one, and feel free to bring extra diapers to lend to a friend!
  • Wipes and Wet bag to put the used diaper into.
  • Cash for food, the vendors, extra raffle tickets, and the silent auction. (Check and Credit Cards can also be accepted for raffle and the silent auction.)
  • Something small to help occupy your child, if you can. We will have a craft table for toddlers and older children.
  • A nursing cover or bottles, if needed, to feed your baby. (There will be chairs.) 
  • Bring a friend, too! Anyone who is a caretaker of children in diapers or expecting in the upcoming year would be perfect.

Where should I be and when?

Boonsboro Fire Hall, 5 St. Paul Street, Boonsboro, MD  from 9am to 12pm. Please park behind the fire hall or in the town hall parking lot. Signs will be posted to direct you to the correct entrance. We will be on the 2nd floor of the firehall and while there is an elevator, please leave your stroller in the car.

Be sure to check in by 10:15am. The change itself is at 11am sharp.There will be vendors and activities to keep you occupied before the event starting at 9am.

What is the Great Cloth Diaper Change?

The Great Cloth Diaper Change is an annual event started by the Real Diaper Association on 2011 to raise awareness about cloth diapers. It has also been recognized by the Guinness World Records committee and each year through 2014 we have helped to break the previous year's record for the most cloth diapers changed in 24 hours. Beginning in 2015, due to new invasive requirements for documentation by the Guinness World Record committee, the Great Cloth Diaper Change will no longer be certifying our record through them, but it's still important to grow our numbers to continue to get the word out to new parents.

More information about the RDA will be available at the event

How much does it cost?

The event itself is a free event for participants, no purchase is required. However, bring some cash or checks to participate in our raffle and silent auction or to donate to the Real Diaper Association. We anticipate over 50 products, gift baskets, and gift cards/certificates from national and local businesses available for bid or raffle. The proceeds will go to support the Enkore Cloth Diaper Closet, which is working with local non-profits to help those in need cloth diaper. Every participant will receive 1 free raffle ticket, additional raffle tickets can be purchased for $1 each or get 15 for $10.

What's in it for me?

The first 50 participants to pre-register AND check in by 10:15 am, will receive a free goody bag with several product samples, coupons, and information from local and national businesses.

Every participant will also receive 1 free raffle ticket! Bring a friend who will be participating with his/her child and you'll both get 3 extra free raffle tickets. You'll also enjoy helping to spread the word about the environmental, economic, and health benefits of cloth diapers and meeting other families that share your passion or are looking for more information to make that decision for themselves.

Additional Questions:

Is there an age, weight or height limit for my child?
Yes. There is a height limit of 39 inches tall. This sounds alarming, but this is over 3 feet (3ft 3in to be precise). There is no age or weight limit though.

Can I use a cloth trainer? Or a disposable liner?
You may use a disposable liner, however you may not use a cloth trainer.

Do I need to be using cloth diapers all the time? What if I don’t own any?
There are many mothers who will be attending who carry extra diapers, have big collections of them, etc. Ask to borrow one, and you shall receive! You can also buy one for the event, new or used, from Enkore Kids.

Do I need to use a specific type of cloth diaper?
Nope! As long as the item is available for purchase online, in a store, on etsy, whatever… it’s fair game! It can be a simple pre-fold, a snazzy fitted, a cute milky pocket, whatever! Just as long as you didn’t make it yourself in the living room… unless of course you're one of our awesome stay and work at home mothers who does this for a living. Then it’s all good!

Does my baby or toddler need to wear a cloth diaper to the event?
Not at all! Show up in disposable diaper, pull-up or trainer, even underwear. As long as it’s a cloth diaper being put on the baby or toddler at the sound of the bell, so to speak.

Does it matter how old I am as a participant parent?
Yes, but only that you need to be at least 18 years old at the time of the event.  IF you’re a parent under 18, ask a grandparent, godparent, friend or other family member.

If I have twins, or two or more children in diapers who qualify, can I change both children?
Unfortunately, no, unless you have adult help. You need one adult over 18 per child participant for each child to qualify. Ask Dad to help out, or Grandma!

If I have other/older children, can they come?
Yes, however, they cannot be within the “change” area during the event itself from 10:50 to about 11:10. They must be off to the side during the before and after photos and in between them, for about 20 minutes at most, out of the area where the Change occurs. We’re going to set up a coloring or craft station or some other small activities for them. Older kids would be great to help out for this. If you have several children, bring an adult or have them watched at home.

Should I bring a stroller?
Please don't. While there is an elevator, it's most convenient to take the stairs. Baby wearing is preferred.

Will there be pictures taken at the event, of me or my child? What if I wish not to be photographed?
You must be in the photo “before” and “after” the change take place as per the rules of submission to the records for Guinness. The first photo, you hold up the cloth diaper you'll be using and the after photo is of that specific diaper on your child. You do not need to show any faces, you can turn your own head and turn your child towards you so their face it not showing. There will be no photos taken between these, and the after photo will only be taken once all infants have been changed. Photos will be used to authenticate the event and will also be posted on our Facebook Pages and website to help get people excited for next year.

Will there be food? What if we have allergies?
While some vendors may be providing samples or food for sale, please plan to bring anything you may need to eat or drink while you are with us.

Is there anything else I can to do between now and the event?
Yes! Help us spread the word about this event by:

Tell me more about the Enkore Cloth Diaper Closet (ECDC).
We all know that cloth diapers save families thousands of dollars over the course of the 3 years most children are in diapers, but the initial cost can be daunting for those who most need that savings. According to a recent study 1 in 3 mom's don't have the financial resources to keep their children adequately diapered and there are no government programs to help with diaper need. Enkore Kids is working with local non-profits to help bridge that gap by providing donated or subsidized cloth diapers to those in demonstrated need as well as expert help to get started. We'll have more information on how you can participate in the ECDC at the event.

How can I help with the ECDC?
If you are involved with a non-profit that would like to partner with us, please let us know via email at enkorekids@enkorekids.com or call 301-668-0837. You can also help us directly by donating your no-longer used (but still useful) cloth diapers. The diapers will either be directly included in the ECDC diaper stash or sold with 100% of the proceeds going to the ECDC. As the ECDC is not a non-profit ourselves, we cannot offer a tax deduction for your donations, but we are hoping that one of our non-profit partners will be able to fill that role for us soon.



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