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FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Pocket Diapers: Choose Color


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We’re changing our own diapers!
FuzziBunz One Size Elite
FuzziBunz enthusiasts from around the world have offered suggestions on improving our world famous cloth pocket diaper.  Now, with the assistance of state-of-the-art modeling techniques, computer controlled manufacturing techniques and testing on real live babies’ bottoms, we have taken the classic fit and quality of FuzziBunz and made it better.
What’s different?
Better fit: With the fully adjustable One Size Elite+, leg openings and crotch width have been optimized to accommodate the baby’s posture from infant, through sitting, crawling and walking.
Better Coverage: The backside of the diaper is more fully cut and better contains at the leg openings as your child becomes more active.
Better Comfort: The classic FuzziBunz comfort and fit is back. The wider waist elastic casing and a flatter leg seams combine to give your child the most comfortable fit ever.
These improvements compliment the familiar FuzziBunz features:
Wait, there’s more!  There’s improved snap alignment and sewing techniques, fabric reinforcement and improved material manufacturing processes, etc.  That, combined with strict specifications, hands-on inspections and strict quality control procedures, gives us the confidence to offer our famous cloth pocket diapers PLUS! an industry rattling no-fuss 90-day Money Back Guarantee!
How it works
A pocket diaper is an outer waterproof fabric and an inner dry layer which form a pocket within which a replaceable absorbent pad is inserted.  When soiled or wet, the inserts are removed and the diaper and inserts are washed and dried.
Washing and Care
FuzziBunz® diapers are machine washable.  Remove solids and rinse if practical and separate the insert from the pocket before washing.  Rinse diapers in cold soak or rinse cycle.  Wash on hot with detergent free of dyes, oils or additives. DO NOT USE BLEACH ON DIAPERS.  Rinse diapers in cold rinse cycle.  Dry diapers on low or medium heat until dry.  Inserts can be dried on high heat.
Read complete Care & Use details here.
The FuzziBunz® warranty covers all FuzziBunz products sold by authorized FuzziBunz retailers.  The Lifetime Limited Warranty covers snaps for three years (birth to potty training) and defects in materials and workmanship for one year. Click here for full details.
Money Back Guarantee
The Plus! in our One Size Elite+ diapers is the Money Back Guarantee.  The One Size-Elite+ comes with an unparalleled 90-day money back guarantee.
If, for ANY reason, you do not like your FuzziBunz One Size Elite+ diaper, you can return it to the retailer from which it was purchased.  Click here for terms and conditions.
Click for more Fuzzibunz products and FAQs.
Click for details on the Enkore Kids 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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