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Fitted & Contour Diapers

Gently Used Fitted & Contour Diaper Covers

Fitted and contour diapers are great for overnight use. Their all-around absorption locks in moisture when paired with a quality cover. Benefits of gently used fitteds and contour is that the prep work is done for you!

If you are local to Enkore Kids in Boonsboro, MD, be sure to stop in as not everything is listed on-line before it sells in-store. We are located within 30 minutes of Hagerstown, Frederick, Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry, Charlestown, Waynesboro, and Greensboro.

  SKU Product Title Our price
204839 El Bee Baby Pink, Orange and Yellow Small/Med Fitted Diaper with Snaps $6.99 (Save 77%)
204838 El Bee Baby Orange Medium Fitted Diaper with Snaps $6.99 (Save 77%)
204837 El Bee Baby Light Blue Fitted Diaper with Snaps $6.99 (Save 77%)
204836 Set of 3 El Bee Baby Medium Fitted Diapers Undyed w/ Blue, Purple & Green Snaps $15.99 (Save 83%)
204835 Set of 3 El Bee Baby Medium Fitted Diapers Undyed with Orange, Yellow, Red Snaps $15.99 (Save 83%)
204834 USED: Fussybutt Pink Contour Diaper Medium $2.99
204833 USED: Fussybutt Purple & Light Green Fitted Diaper Medium $2.99
204824 Luxe Baby Fitted Mecium Snap AIO Pink w/ Flowers Cloth Diaper $4.99
204823 Luxe Baby Fitted Medium Snap AIO Blue with Fairy Cloth Diaper $4.99
204822 Bottombumpers Dark Green Fitted Diaper Medium $5.99 (Save 76%)
204507 USED: Set of 2 Fussybutt Fitted Diapers Medium $6.99
204506 USED: Fussybutt Yellow Dragonfly Wool Fitted Diaper Medium $3.99
204505 USED: Fussybutt Fairy Green & Purple Fitted Wool Diaper Medium $3.99
204504 USED: Fussybutt Black & Blue Falling Star Fitted Diaper Medium $3.99
204503 USED: Fussybutt Purple & Peach Fitted Diaper Medium $2.99
203134 White Contour Cloth Diapers Lot of 3 $4.99