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FAQ Moby Wrap

Moby Wrap FAQs

Moby Wrap FAQ's

The award-winning original Moby Wrap is the most recognized wrap-style baby carrier on the market. Its simple yet versatile design makes it suitable for any wearer. The benefits of babywearing are many, and with the slightly, but not too stretchy, 100% cotton fabric, there's no better place for your baby to be.

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Can you describe the differences between the Moby ® Wrap and other carriers?

There are lots of different carriers on the market today: front packs, slings, wrap arounds, and more. The big difference between slings and wraps is that the wrap uses both shoulders, as well as your back, to carry the weight of your baby. Most front packs have narrow straps, buckles, or rings, which often cause discomfort. There are several wrap-around carriers available with a variety of special features: stretchy vs. non-stretch, cotton vs. cotton-lycra blend, solids vs. patterns, basic vs. embellished, expensive vs. economical, square vs. tapered ends, etc. Our advice would be to look for the features that are most important to you and choose accordingly. The Moby ® Wrap is made of 100% soft cotton. The fabric feels like your favorite T-shirt. The edges are tapered, making it easy to tie. The Moby ® Wrap is currently available in 11 solid colors.

What is the difference between the Moby ® Wrap and the Moby ® D?

The main difference between the Moby ® Wrap and the Moby ® D is the distinctive fabric panel in the center. The panel is created from cozy fleece, woven cotton, or Asian silk. While all fabric panels add aesthetically to the Moby ® Wrap, the fleece provides additional warmth and the woven and silk fabric panels add a section of non-stretch fabric to help support the baby. The edges of the Moby ® D are seamed rather than over-locked, ensuring that the Moby ® D will hold its shape after extended use. Moby Wrap also made each end of the Moby ® D a different length so the knot would be at the side instead of the front or back.

I am concerned about spine development. Will wearing my baby in the Moby ® Wrap affect her spine development?

While worn in the Moby ® Wrap, the baby is supported by three pieces of fabric, reducing the strain on baby’s spine. When wrapping the baby in the Joey or facing out position, be sure to spread the fabric not only in the baby’s center, but all the way down to the hollow of the knees in order to minimize the strain on the spine.

What is a “limited edition color”?

Each season, Moby Wrap offers a color that is not part of our regular selection and produce just one order of several hundred wraps. Once the inventory runs out, they will not make any more of this particular color (with the exception of sienna, which our customers loved so much that it became a standard color).

Why are the turquoise and sand wraps more expensive?

The turquoise and sand fabrics are treated with the Rayosan ™ process , by Clariant. This technology allows the increase of Sun Protection Factor without changing the appearance, handle and breathability of the fabric. You can imagine how excited we are to have this technology be part of the Moby ® Wrap fabric, which therefore offers another layer of protection for baby’s sensitive skin, especially before the age recommended for sunscreen use. Understandably, this process is a costly one and it means that we have to increase the price of the spring summer edition color, but only by $5.

I washed my wrap according to the washing instructions and it shrank. Is that normal?

Because the Moby ® Wrap is 100% cotton, it may shrink slightly when laundered, which is perfectly normal. Once you start wearing your wrap again, it will stretch back to its original size. If you are unable to bring the ends back to the front, try tying the wrap in the back until it stretches back to its original size.

I hear a lot about Kangaroo Care and the Moby ® Wrap. What does that mean?

Kangaroo Care has been studied in depth since 1983 when neonatologists Edgar Rey and Hector Martinez first implemented it in Bogota, Columbia. Kangaroo Care consists of placing a diaper clad premature baby in an upright position on a parent's bare chest - tummy to tummy, in between the breasts. The baby's head is turned so that the ear is above the parent's heart. Because of the width of the fabric, the Moby ® Wrap can be used for this purpose, covering up most of the parents’ body while providing this closeness to the premature infant.

I live in a very warm climate. Can I use a Moby ® Wrap?

Yes you can. Because the Moby ® Wrap is made of a 100% cotton, the fabric breathes and should keep you cool in warmer climates. You might choose a lighter color wrap, like natural, moss, indigo, or lilac.

I am a plus-size mom. Will the wrap fit me?

Yes it will. The Moby ® Wrap is 18 feet long and will fit larger moms and dads as well. When wrapping, you would simply tie a knot at your back. Moby Wrap can custom make larger wraps but rarely need to do that.

I understand your products are manufactured in Thailand and was wondering about the working conditions.

Thank you for asking! From 2004 until 2006, the President of Moby ® Wrap and her family lived in Thailand and set up a Thai corporation that manufactures the Moby ® Wrap, the Moby ® D and the hand knit clothing. They rented a cute Thai home and converted it into a factory. All employees are adult women who enjoy excellent wages and benefits. The women who knit for the Moby ® Wear line pick up the patterns and yarn once a week and knit in their villages while surrounded by their children and extended family. Best of all, they love to get visits from customers all over the world who appreciate their work.

Do you use organic cotton?

Moby Wrap now offers an EKO certified organic cotton version of their product.

I am a nursing mother and my chest is huge - can I still use a Moby ® Wrap?

The Moby ® Wrap will be a good choice for you. Because it wraps around your body, it will adjust to your curves beautifully.

The center panel of my new Moby ® D is not in the middle of the wrap. Is it defective?

No, not at all. They purposely placed the panel a bit off-center, so that the knot would fall on your side, rather than your front or your back. From customer feedback, they found that parents prefer not to have the knot on their back (it makes sitting in a chair a bit uncomfortable) or their front (where it sometimes seemed to be in the way). They felt having the panel off center would eliminate the discomfort some customers were referring to.



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