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FAQ FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers


FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper FAQ's

FuzziBunz are widely thought to be the forerunner of the modern cloth diaper. Founded in 1999 is response to her son's chronic diaper rash, FuzziBunz are now found in hundreds of on-line and retail stores.

FuzziBunz has one of the industry's best warranties in addition to our own Enkore Kids Cloth Diaper 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Questions? Read below...


Q. What is the warranty on your diapers?

A. Our warranty is as follows:

  • Snap are covered for the life* of the diaper (*life is defined as 3 years from date of purchase, non-transferable)
  • Defects in materials and workmanship are covered for one year.

Diapers will not be replaced with new product due to repelling, shot elastic past 1 year, staining or leaking. For full details, click here.

Q. What is the procedure for getting my FuzziBunz® repaired or replaced if they are under warranty?

A. If you experience any defects covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, please fill out the form on the FuzziBunz® Product Support Page. All warranty requests must have a proof of purchase receipt. NO EXCEPTIONS. After completing the form, you will receive an automated email confirming receipt and further instructions on what to anticipate next in the customer service process. If you purchase from Enkore Kids, we're happy to provide you with proof of purchase. If your defect is found within the first 30-Days, we can help you directly under our Cloth Diaper 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Q. What is the Money Back Guarantee?

A. Enkore Kids provides a 30-Day in-store No Dud Diaper Deal Satisfaction Guarantee. See details here.  However, FuzziBunz extends that to a full 90 Days for their One Size Elite Diapers! See details on how it works for you here.

Q. I was given FuzziBunz® as a gift, they don't fit my baby; will you exchange them?

A. Exchanges are only done through FuzziBunz® retailers. Please contact the person from whom you received the gift and ask them to let you know what retailer they purchased them from and then contact that specific retailer for an exchange. If purchased through Enkore Kids, we DO keep track of purchases so long as the purchaser gave us their name - so if you lose the receipt we CAN reprint it for you!


Q. Do I need to pre-wash my FuzziBunz® diapers?

A. You should first try your new FuzziBunz® diapers on your baby for fit BEFORE washing. If they fit, yes, you should wash the diapers before use on your baby.

Q: How do I wash and care for my FuzziBunz® diapers and inserts?

A: General Care: FuzziBunz® diapers and inserts should be washed after each use. When removing a wet diaper from your baby, shake the insert out of the pocket opening and store both in a dry diaper pail till wash time (wash every 1 to 3 days—any longer and bacteria can breed in the diapers and inserts). Do not soak the diapers or inserts. If soiled, simply knock solids into toilet and/ or remove with a diaper sprayer. Small solids stuck to the fleece will dissolve in the wash. For washing:

  • First, run a cold rinse or soak cycle without detergent, being sure to rinse any poop or excess urine.
  • Second, run a hot cycle with detergent (see Recommended Brands). Do not use bleach.
  • Third, if your hot wash is not automatically followed by a cold rinse, run a cold rinse cycle. Tumble dry the diapers on low or hang to dry. Do not use fabric softener or pure soap. Never dry on high heat.

Q. Should I use hot water to wash FuzziBunz® and how hot?

A. Yes, it is okay to use hot water to wash your FuzziBunz®, 60 degrees C. However, keep in mind that you should dry your diapers on a low setting in your dryer.

Q. I have a front loader or High Efficiency washer. What detergent should I use?

A. Any washing detergent recommended by FuzziBunz® should be adequate, however only use 1/4 of the recommended amount for a front loader or HE washing machine. If there are too many suds, reduce your amount of liquid, if the diapers are not getting clean enough, increase your liquid.

Q: Can I use diaper rash ointments and creams on my baby if s/he is wearing a FuzziBunz®?

A. Diaper rash ointments cause diapers to repel and not function properly. If you mistakenly get diaper rash ointment on your diaper, wash your diapers normally and then apply some dishwashing liquid, like Dawn, to the affected area. Scrub the affected area with a toothbrush or other bristle brush. While this is a suggested method, it may not always work. Diapers affected by diaper rash ointments are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Q. Will my colors run if I wash them on hot?

A. It is always a good idea to wash your FuzziBunz® diapers on cold the first time you wash them if you are concerned about the colors running, however this should not be an issue with FuzziBunz®.

Q. Can I use vinegar in the wash?

A. Vinegar was originally used in cloth diapers to "soften" them up and possibly as a disinfectant many years ago. However FuzziBunz® do not need any further softening and with detergents that are effective and hot water no additional disinfecting is needed. This could also cause a stink problem if any vinegar is left on the diapers. Vinegar can also weaken the elastic in the diapers when repeatedly used.

Q. Can I use Baking Soda?

A. If you wish to add some baking soda to the wash it will not hurt anything. It will not likely enhance your washing if you are using good detergent. I would not use it as a cleaning agent alone. It is safe to use it in your diaper pail bagor in the rinse cycle if you wish to add some "odor prevention."

Q. What detergents do you recommend?

A. There are several routes you can go here. For mainstream store bought detergents stay away from additives such as brighteners, dyes or perfumes/ scents. This may cause buildup on the diapers, repelling of the diapers and may interact with urine and cause a foul odor. Tide Free and Arm and Hammer Free are two that we recommend. Arm and Hammer would be our first choice since it does have the odor controlling power of Baking Soda. To be more environmental, and to best ensure that you have a "residue free" diaper, more "natural" brands of detergent are recommended. These are 7th Generation and Ecover. Most can be bought at any health food store, natural grocer or online.For more specific "diaper recommended" detergents that can be bought through diaper retailers, we recommend FuzziBunz® Cloth Diaper Detergent, Rockin Green Soap, and Allen's Naturally —all work very well at preventing build up and keeping your diapers smelling clean.

Enkore Kids sells several cloth diaper-friendly detergents.

Q. How much detergent should I use?

A. The manufacturers of detergent always recommend the HIGHEST amount to get clothing clean. Its called "marketing." FuzziBunz® are easy to clean due to its fabric—and are mostly done in small loads. Not much detergent is needed. A good rule of thumb is if the bottle recommends you use 1/4 cup—then use 1/4 of that amount. If you find your laundry to be very bubbly and sudsy, this is not good. Cut the detergent down again. Front loaders will require even less detergent. So rule of thumb —start with 1/4 of the recommendation on the bottle of your choice, and move up from there if they are not getting clean enough.

Q. Can I use Bleach?

A. You can use bleach on the INSERTS ONLY! This will not hurt the inserts but we discourage over using bleach. It is bad for fibers and bad for the environment. But if you run into a smelly insert problem you can either sun them, or bleach them with about a capful of bleach. It does not take much.


Q. How do I get out stains from my FuzziBunz®?

A. Stains can be caused by different foods, illnesses and medications. The good news is that stains do not affect the utility of your FuzziBunz®. To remove stains (if desired), we suggest laying them out in the sun for several hours at a time (several times for tough stains). Stains are not covered by our warranty. You can also add Oxiclean to the wash on a regular basis. Bleach may be used on the inserts only—please do not use bleach on the diapers, this will damage the waterproof layer!

Q. My FuzziBunz® are leaking even though the insert is hardly wet. What do I do?

A. Please see our Product Support area for detailed assistance.

Q. The inside of my diaper is sticky, how do I fix this?

A. This is perfectly normal, it is laminated with a polyurethane lining to prevent leaks. Some people see this as being "sticky."

Q. My diapers smell of ammonia when baby wets, why?

A. Ammonia smell is generally caused by detergent residue and the combination of urine. Run your diapers through the wash again and be sure not to over use the amount of detergent. Ammonia smell can also be caused by diet of the child and the acidity of the urine. Wash as quickly as possible if you find this is chronic. But keeping your diapers and inserts as residue free as possible is key. Please see the FuzziBunz Product Support area for more detailed assistance with this topic.

Q: What does “stripping” the diapers mean and should I be doing it?

A: We have (as have others) had many theories on what is called "stripping” diapers. We simply call it plain ole upkeep and something that should be done every now and then as a repelling preventative measure in taking care of your diapers and prolonging their life. Although FuzziBunz diapers typically don’t have these problems, on occasion we do receive questions involving persistent stink, repelling fleece (or residue buildup on the fleece), fleece that stays wet or leaking diapers. Please see the product support page for detailed solutions for each situation. From here you can have all the instructions emailed to you.


Q. My baby has diaper rash. What do you recommend since I can’t use a diaper rash ointment with my FuzziBunz®?

A. While babies using FuzziBunz® generally will not experience diaper rashes, they can occur on occasion due to allergies, illness, etc. Do not use any diaper rash ointment while using FuzziBunz®, this will void your warranty and cause them to repel. We recommend changing the diaper often and allowing the baby to air dry as much as possible. You can also use a combination of a zinc oxide powder / cornstarch powder on baby's bottom to aid in healing. Bee All Natural baby powder is a great choice. If you need a “paste,” mix the powder with a little bit of water and rub onto the rash to give it more staying power.


Q: How can I order more FuzziBunz than you have in stock?

A: Contact us or call 301-668-0837 during business hours. We'd be happy to special order to meet your needs. Please allow up to 3 weeks for special order to arrive.

Q. What size do I need?

A. Please see FuzziBunz sizing guides.

Q: How should I store my diapers between washings?

A: Store soiled diapers in an open air pail or hanging diaper pail to let air circulate. A closed pail may cause mold if you let the diapers sit too long between washings. FuzziBunz® has a "In and Out Mess Free" diaper bag that we strongly encourage as it washes easily with the diapers and requires nearly NO touching of the dirty diapers.

Q. Do I have to use a plastic cover over my FuzziBunz®?

A. A plastic cover is not needed with FuzziBunz®.

Q. My baby’s diaper leaks upon waking at nap or nighttime.

A. Some babies wet more than others. If you are experiencing persistent leaking, we recommend adding more inserts to the pocket during naps and nighttime.

Q. How often do I need to change my baby?

A. Every parent knows their baby best. If you have a heavy wetter, we suggest changing more often—every 2-3 hours. If you have a light wetter—you can change your baby every 3-4 hours. A second insert can be used to extend time between changes for nighttime.

Q. How many diapers to I need to order?

A. We suggest that you order a minimum of 12 diapers to use FuzziBunz® full time. You’ll probably do a load of laundry every night, depending on how many diaper changes you average per day. Many parents add to and even double their collection as they go along.

Q. How much laundry will I do?

A. Depending on how many FuzziBunz® diapers and babies you have, it’s likely you’ll be doing a load every 1-3 days.

Q. Is it true the diapers become more absorbent the more they are washed?

A. Yes and no. We have found that the inserts can hold more moisture after they have been washed several times. However, multiple washings after that may not increase the absorbency.

How do I contact FuzziBunz?

By phone: 855-379-2229 (DRY-BABY),
By internet: product support form.



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