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Gently Used Homeschooling Books and Supplies

Narrow your search using the filters available to the left or below the product listings (depending on the width of your screen). With over 300 items, you'll likely find something to suit your educational needs. For everyday books for parents and children, see our books category here.

If you are searching for something specific that isn't currently available, let us know with a "favorite search" and we'll notify you as soon as a match is added to inventory!

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USED Educational Supplies
  SKU Product Title Our price
181587 Focus on Math Level F Decimals, Fractions, Percents $2.99
181541 Steck-Vaughn Middle School Collection Capitalization and Punctuation Workbook $6.99
181268 Set of 5 Double-Sided The Mailbox Magic Classroom Posters $0.99
182368 Zaney Brainy Math Club Grades 1-2 Add/ Subtract 1 Dot 24 Game Kit Complete $3.99
167191 Harcourt Brace Signatures Intervention Strategies Manual 1st grade $1.49
140037 The Everyday Science Source Book by Lawrence F. Lowery Homeschool $3.99 (Save 87%)
165339 Classroom Supplies English Math Science Test /Answer Keys Homeschool $1.99
175005 Conn- Selmer Saxaphone Cleaning Kit $1.99
156953 Drumset Essentials Volume 1 Music Lesson Book $0.99 (Save 95%)
180839 Sketchbook Crossroads 4H Art Curriculum $2.99
156952 Standard of Excellence Book 2 Drums & Mallet Percussion Book 2 $0.99 (Save 86%)
170530 Art for Christian Schools Drawing By Troy Bohannon $1.99
158545 Science Activity Log unit 3 Living and Growing Homeschool Book $0.99
170040 The Science Book By Sara Stein $0.49
173121 Baseball: A History Of Softball Softball and Legends of the Game $0.99
154189 History/Social Studies Elementary Bible Truths Handbook Homeschool $1.99 (Save 91%)