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Enkore Cloth Diaper Closet


Helping Families, Helping the Environment...

Financial Impact of Disposables:

  • 1 in 3 Moms have to choose between diapers and other financial obligations
  • Disposables cost about $1000 a year ($83 per month)
  • WIC and Food Stamps do not cover the cost of diapers.

Environmental Impact of Disposables:

  • From birth to potty training, disposable diapers from 1 child weighs about 2.5 tons
  • Not a single "disposable" diaper has finished decomposing in a landfill and likely never will.
  • The process of making "disposables" uses more water and chemicals than manufacturing and washing cloth diapers.

Apply Now!

Our Enkore Cloth Diaper Closet is a rent-to-own program. For a low monthly fee, you'll spend less than the cost of disposibles per month and you'll own the diapers at the end of the agreed upon term. Enkore Kids is now also a host location for Share the Love, a free donation-driven cloth diaper closet open only to those receiving some form of government assistance. These diapers are strictly a loan provided until the child's third birthday.  To apply for the Share the Love, click here. There are hosts throughout the US, so your Share the Love application will be directed to the host closest to you.

To apply to our own in-house Enkore Cloth Diaper Closet, fill out the application below:

Due to limited resources, applications will only be considered if you live within 90 miles of our physical location in Boonsboro, MD. We will not be shipping diapers as part of either program.


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