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Disney Pixar Pictionary DVD Game


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Disney Picitonary DVD Game
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From the Manufacturer:
Speed, not artistry, is the key to Pictionary games aimed at the younger set. Playing out like charades except by drawing on paper rather than flailing around, this party game has been popular for more than 20 years now. The Disney DVD version is geared toward kids and has been created with hundreds of characters, places, and things from the vaults of the renowned kid-friendly empire.
In this classic game of quick draw, players try to correctly guess the identity of words and phrases that are being sketched before anyone else. It takes a quick hand and good guesswork to beat out opponents who are thinking along the same lines as you. To make the fun even more engaging, there is an included DVD with this version that provides a new twist. When a game card reads "DVD," have the disc ready in a player, grab the remote, and be prepared to shout out your answer first as a studio animator draws images for you to see on your television screen.
There are hundreds of animated clues on the DVD, and the game offers two play levels. When younger children are included, level one uses classic Disney animation. Level two features more recent Disney movies as well as Pixar animation for an added challenge. Also on the DVD are live action clips and snippets of animated movies for total family enjoyment.
What’s in the box
   1 DVD
   4 markers
   Blank paper
   Scorecard pad
   1 challenge die
   Game cards
A TV, DVD player, and remote control are needed but not included.

Item ID: 182925

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