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Compucarve Carvewright CNC Carving Computerized Router < 13 hours cutting


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See www.carvewright.com for full details on what this unit can do.

I bought it thinking I needed a third machine to keep up with orders and generally just to have a spare in case one of my other two went down, but it's been here long enough and I haven't had need of it so I want to free up the space and cash for other things. 

I did all the upgrades as this is an original "A" machine. It now has the current rubber traction belts and a "muscle chuck" for easy bit changes using standard 1/2" shank router bits. You can also use 1/4" shank router bits by using a collet available from carvewright.com, ebay or amazon. I also added the Ringneck Blues metal dust collector port and the clear cover that goes with it.

Tested and works fine, just a little over 12 hours of cutting time. This is essentially a brand new machine for much less..

Also includes the memory card and reader. The basic designer software is available for download from carvewright.com. More advanced features are available for purchase and I highly recommend once you master the basics.
Free shipping within the continental US only. If you are local and would like to pickup, I'd be happy to discount by $50.

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