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Cloth Diapers & Extras

All-in-Ones, All-in-Twos, Diaper Covers, Fitteds, Flats, Hemp/Cotton Inserts, Microfiber Inserts, Prefolds, and Diapering Accessories

Let Enkore Kids be your cloth diapering resource. Whether you are local to our store in Maryland, a short drive away in Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia, or across the country, we can help you choose and use the diapering system best for you and baby. With our Risk Free No Dud Diaper Deal 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, why not give cloth diapers a try?

New Cloth Brand Diapers and Accessories


Accessories: New & Used
Cloth Diapers: New
Cloth Diapers: Used
  SKU Product Title Our price
202897 Rumparooz Lot of 3 Snap OS Pocket Cloth Diapers green blue pink $21.99
202255 Bee Changed Yellow Snap Pocket OS Cloth Diaper $6.99
201654 Bummis Aplix Lot of 2 White Cloth Diaper Covers $6.99
201286 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Lot of 2 Cloth Diaper Covers White and Green Dots $8.99
202800 Bumkins Aplix Lot of 2 AIO Cloth Diapers Cat and Monkey $9.99
202799 Bumkins Aplix BlueLot of 3 AIO Cloth Diapers $14.99
202797 Bumkins Aplix Lot Of 3 Large All In One Cloth Diapers Blue and Green $14.99
200859 FuzziBunz Blue Small Pocket Cloth Diaper $5.99
198229 Goodmama Purple OS Fitted Cloth Diaper Snap Closure $9.99
202972 Blueberry Coverall Aplix OS Cloth Diaper Cover Kiwi Green $5.99
196673 Nikky Medium Cotton Cloth Diaper Cover Sheep $5.99 (Save 68%)
202896 Baby City Lot of 2 Snap OS Pocket Cloth Diapers Green and Brown $5.99
202895 Lot of 2 Snap Pocket Cloth Diapers Dr. Seuss and Blue $5.99
202892 Alva Lot of 2 Snap OS Pocket Cloth Diapers Pink and Orange $5.99
202891 Qianquhui Lot of 3 Snap OS Pocket Cloth Diapers Dots Ducks Bugs $8.99
202890 Kawaii Lot of 2 Snap OS Pocket Cloth Diapers Dinosaur and Dots $5.99