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Cloth Diapers & Extras

All-in-Ones, All-in-Twos, Diaper Covers, Fitteds, Flats, Hemp/Cotton Inserts, Microfiber Inserts, Prefolds, and Diapering Accessories

Let Enkore Kids be your cloth diapering resource. Whether you are local to our store in Maryland, a short drive away in Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia, or across the country, we can help you choose and use the diapering system best for you and baby. With our Risk Free No Dud Diaper Deal 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, why not give cloth diapers a try?

New Cloth Brand Diapers and Accessories


Accessories: New & Used
Cloth Diapers: New
Cloth Diapers: Used
  SKU Product Title Our price
205410 Happy Heinys Cloth Diaper Hemp Stuffins Large AI2 Insert $2.99 (Save 70%)
205411 Lot of 8 Flats with Light Purple Trim $8.99 (Save 44%)
205408 Grovia Blue OS AI2 Shell Cloth Diaper Cover Hook Loop $8.99 (Save 53%)
205407 Happy Heinys OS Pocket Diaper Brown with Blue Flowers $5.99 (Save 68%)
205406 Totsbots S-T-R-E-T-C-H Bamboozle Size 1 (5-18 lbs) Fitted Diaper w/ Liner Aplix $5.99 (Save 75%)
205405 Nicki's Diaper OS Bamboo Overnight Fitted Diaper w/ Rainbow Colored Trim & Snaps $5.99 (Save 60%)
205404 KaWaii Baby Yellow Safari Print OS Pocket Diaper $4.99 (Save 69%)
205403 Kawaii Baby White Safari Print OS Pocket Diaper $4.99 (Save 69%)
205402 KaWaii Baby Yellow Safari Print OS Pocket Diaper $4.99 (Save 69%)
205400 Alva Gray with Owls OS Pocket Diaper $3.99
205397 Microfiber Liner about 14" x 5.25" stained areas $0.25
205396 Microfiber Liner about 14" x 5.25" $0.25
205395 Microfiber Liner 13.75" x 6.25" $0.25
173200 GroVia Magic Stick Z Zinc Diaper Balm Natural Diaper Ointment Rash Cream .75 oz $16.95
205174 BabyKicks Set of 2 Pocket Diapers Blue and White Snap Closure $9.99
205170 Set of 6 Bum Genius Snap One Size Microfiber Inserts About 14.75" x 5.25" $3.99 (Save 80%)