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Cloth Diaper Buy Back Program

Protect Your Investment

Diapers are expensive! While cloth diapers offer quite a savings over disposables (up to thousands of dollars - especially if you have multiple cloth diapered children), cloth offers the additional advantage of retaining value after your children are potty-trained. 
Read on to learn about the Enkore Kids Buy Back Program and our plans to help local charities provide cloth diapers to those they serve...

Enkore Kids Buys Back Your Used Cloth Diapers

How we determine our offer:

  • Look at the current retail value of the same diaper selling new.
  • Look at the condition of the diaper's condition.
  • In general, used diapers free of stains and washed according to manufacturer's directions will be resold at about 1/2 of new.
  • We pay  about 40-60% of the resale price as store credit or 1/2 the store credit off as cash.
Unlike consignment, you can then spend the money you've earned immediately without having to wait for the items to sell.

Protect your invest:

  • Be sure to follow the manufacturer's washing directions.
  • Use only cloth-diaper safe detergent.
  • Do NOT add fabric softener or use dryer sheets
  • Do NOT use unapproved diaper creams
  • Line-drying will help fade stains naturally and extend the life of your diapers (diaper covers in particular)

Cloth Diapers for Those in Need

1 in 3 Moms struggle to keep their children in clean diapers

While Huggies commissioned the study that found this staggering need, we believe the appropriate response is to educate and help those in need to find affordable cloth diapers rather than slap a very expensive band-aid on the problem by providing disposables.

Enkore Kids is looking to partner with local non-profits that area already set up to assist those in need to help them add cloth diapers. If you'd like to get involved, contact us!

Help us get started

If you'd rather donate your used diapers instead of sell them, we'll reserve them for our Enkore Cloth Diaper Closet.




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