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Cardboard Dollhouse Craft Project Kit HOUSE/WINDOWS Only Ultra Basic


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NEW: Cardboard Dollhouse Craft Project- HOUSE/WINDOWS Only - Ultra BASIC. Kit includes all the cardboard for the structure and only the stick-on windows (8).
This is the ideal option for when you are crafty and have specific colors in mind for your flooring and walls. First photo shows what that would look like (though you'll have to provide glue to keep it together).
Need a little more help? Look for our Basic Kit that includes the stick-on door as well as water-activated edging tape and a glue stick. You'll still need to source your floor and wall coverings.
Not wanting to be so crafty? Look for our Deluxe Kit for a little more.  (Last photo shows a Deluxe House completed with flooring and wall coverings, which are NOT included in this listing.)
Want more savings? Look for our House/Windows ONLY option to save more.
Great craft idea for groups. Ask for up to a 50% discount when ordering 10 or more at one time.
Measures approximately 16" x 12" x 24", with each room being about 8" x 8" x 12".

Item ID: 198454

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