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Amber Necklaces-Bracelets

Natural Pain Relief - for Baby & the Whole Family

Enkore Kids carries Baltic Amber from Healing Amber and Healing Hazel. Amber is a natural analgesic (pain reliever) and wearing it can have a soothing and calming affect on teething babies and toddlers.

Buy on-line or pickup in-store, we're located in Boonsboro, MD. We're less than 30 minutes from Frederick and Hagerstown, MD, Shepherdstown, Harps Ferry, and Charlestown, WV, and Waynsboro and Greensboro, PA.

  SKU Product Title Our price
174114 Healing Amber Teething Baby Bracelets 6.5" Baltic Amber Choose Color $15.95
174105 Healing Amber Bracelets/Anklets Wire Adjustable Baltic Amber: Choose Color $17.95
173216 Healing Hazel Hazelwood & Amber Baby/Toddler Necklaces: Choose Size $18.99 (Save 14%)
160784 Healing Amber Adult Necklaces 20" Baltic Amber: Choose Color $36.95
159552 Healing Amber Bracelets/Anklets 9" Baltic Amber Choose Color PARENT $19.95
159551 Healing Amber Bracelets/Anklets 7.5" Baltic Amber $17.95
159550 Healing Amber Teething Baby Bracelet 5.5" Baltic Amber: Choose Color $13.95
159549 Healing Amber Adult Necklaces 22" Baltic Amber: Choose Color $38.95
159548 Healing Amber Adult Necklaces 17.5" Baltic Amber: Choose Color $32.95
159547 Healing Amber Baby & Child Teething Necklaces 15" Baltic Amber: Choose Color $25.95
159546 Healing Amber Baby & Child Teething Necklaces 13" Baltic Amber: Choose Color $20.95
159545 Healing Amber Baby & Child Teething Necklaces 11" Baltic Amber: Choose Color $20.95