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AI2 & Hybrid Diapers

Gently Used All-in-Two/Hybrid Cloth Diaper Covers

All-in-2 cloth diapers are the perfect balance between cost and ease of use. Because the cover can be reused in most cases for the next diaper change, they are a lot less expensive than pocket and all-in-one diapers. And because all-in-two systems have the absobent insert lay within the cover or snap into the cover, rather than having to wrap a prefold around squirming baby, it's a bit easier than the cover and prefolds or flats route. You can also use disposable inserts for those times you're traveling and don't have easy access to laundry!

If you are local to Enkore Kids in Boonsboro, MD, be sure to stop in as not everything is listed on-line before it sells in-store. We are located within 30 minutes of Hagerstown, Frederick, Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry, Charlestown, Waynesboro, and Greensboro.

  SKU Product Title Our price
202063 GroVia Aplix Hybrid AI2 Cloth Diaper Shell $5.99
201653 Blessed With Baby AI2 Cloth Diaper $12.99 (Save 48%)
199221 Sugar Peas Fleece Cloth Diaper Cover $6.99 (Save 65%)
199220 gDiapers Lot Of 3 Medium gPants Blues and Orange $14.99
199219 gDiapers Lot Of 2 Medium gPants Pink $9.99
198865 GroVia Aplix Vanilla AI2-Set AI2 & Hybrid Diapers $11.99
197733 G Diapers Lot of 6 Cloth Diaper Covers Newborn Size G Word Print $24.99
195362 GEN-Y 2 Small Snap In Hemp/Cotton Inserts For Cloth Diapers $4.99 (Save 67%)
194757 gDiapers Size Medium (13-28 lbs) Set of 2 Orange Covers & Pouches $14.99
194756 gDiapers Size Medium (13-28 lbs) Set of 2 Covers-Blue and Brown $11.99